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Top 10 Interesting Facts about Thunder NBA Team

by on May 16, 2017

In this article, we are going to Talk about 10 interesting facts about Thunder NBA team.
Oklahoma City Thunder is an American professional basketball team.

based in Oklahoma City founded in 2008.
The Thunder Plays in the (NBA) as a member of the league’s Western Conference Northwest Division.
Thunder is the only team in the major professional North American sports leagues based in the state of Oklahoma.


Facts about Oklahoma City Thunder Nba


10: Did you know.?

In 2005 Oklahoma City first became an NBA city.

And it hosted the New Orleans
Hornets for two seasons.Hurricane Katrina and David Stern was so impressed by fan turnout.

he moved it to the top of the relocation list.

09: It would make sense.

His name is Thunder.

The Thunder team has no plans to debut one until the All-Star
Break at the earliest. Fans will have to wait for a mascot though.

Maybe they can take Golden State’s mascot,
who’s now out of work.

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08: Russell Westbrook ( Rookie guard ) is the cousin of Eagles running back Brian Westbrook.

07: His hair matches his new uniform.

Now tell who is he Robert Swift
Robert Swift is one of the more colorful centers in the league.

06: Russell Westbrook wore the number 4 Shirt in high school to symbolize the four people in his family.
And When he was asked why he switched to zero,

he said that go with zero to get a new beginning.
Perhaps this has something related to the very untimely death of a high school friend and teammate.

5 Remaining Facts:

05: None of whom are likely to see the floor this season.

Because They Have Talented Players Like Russell West brook,
Steven Adams, Victor Oladipo, André Roberson.

04: The Start of the Thunder
Thunder’s played under the name Seattle Supersonics from 1967 to 2008 when a legal dispute moved the team to Oklahoma City.
The team started out as the Seattle Supersonics franchise Before the Oklahoma City Thunder emerged.

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03: Lost Team
The New Orleans Hornets found themselves lacking a court After the tragic effects of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
Feeling charitable the OKC.

Thunder allowed the team New Orleans Hornets to share their home for two seasons.
when the Hornets were in need of a fill-in, they also decided to share player Desmond Mason.

02: They have retired only six jerseys to honor their star Players Since the team began as the Sonics.
The players include Gus Williams.

Nate McMillan, Lenny Wilkins, Spencer Haywood, Fred Brown, and Jack Sikma.
To pay tribute to Bob Blackburn,

who called the Sonics games for 25 years.

The team also decided to “retire” an
honorary microphone.


01: AND NOW The OKC Thunder has become a back-breaking competitor in the NBA.

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